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Special Edition

We Manufacture Products At Our Plant As Per The Design And Demand Of The Importers And Supply Those Products Within The Specified Time Frame By Sea And/Or By Air.

Worldwide Shipping

Extorting Sweater To Canada, The EU, Japan And The United States.

Best Quality

We Provide The Best Quality Sweater At Affordable Prices.

Best Offers

10% Discount For Every Purchase Oder Of 5,000 Pc And More​.

Secure Payments

We Provide The Best Quality Secure Payment Solutions For Businesses​.

Our Dream

In our long 20 years of working and business life, we have noticed that many big customers in the world who are looking for any good factory to place some of their small purchase orders and many small retailers are looking for any good factory to place their regular small orders in Bangladesh.

 Considering their demand, we will build a knit-woven factory by the end of 2022 for those customers, who have demand for multi-product like exclusive sweater jacket and the one relationship can give each other something good for many days. Production capacity will not be more than 30,000 pcs in a month. In this multiproduct factory will be worked skilled experience staff & some workers who has good knowledge in knit, woven & sweater for some exclusive product which is very demanding in the nearest future besides regular production of sweater, jacket & sweat shirt.

Social Responsibility

As a Bangladeshi as well as a member of the winning team we feel there are many inconsistencies around us where we should play a role. Along with the government, we are also spending 5 percent (5%) of the company’s dividend on the development of our society.

1) Construction of ideal village: Greening of rural roads and cemeteries for construction of nature and bird sanctuary.

2) Motivational Teacher Award: Rewards are being given to encourage teachers in Rural infrastructure who are making many sacrifices to make meritorious students for delightful future of the village.

We believe that green nature and educated conscience will save the coming world.

Why Choose Us?

  • Honest and flat-rated Apparel services
  • One to one friendly and B2B service
  • Free no-obligation consultations
  • Flexible and reliable service to meet your needs
  • Continued after-care advice and suppor

Our Values

  • The highest level of enthusiasm for our profession
  • Focus on cleanliness & maintenance
  • Spreading happiness through all we do
  • Keep creativity and artistry at their best
  • Continue educating ourselves with new trends & demands
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