About Us

In the heart of Garments industrial zone of Bangladesh Mr. Shariful Alam Chowdhury founded the company in 2009 named Apparel Bangla Sourcing Ltd. which has been started in a rental floor in 1800 sft facility including knitting, linking, trimming, mending, ironing & finishing with all operation for making a complete sweater. The new journey was very charm full, tense full, innovative with a lot of joy for new experience in everyday in which production capacity only 4000 pcs in a month.

Danish best & one of the biggest fashion company Kaffe-Clothing, WOJCIK Fashion of Poland, Reporter of Poland, Thatch reed Ltd. of UK are the dreamer customer of our company which name are in our heart in golden lettering.

We are still moving forward little by little in our 12 years of business life by overcoming various internal and material adversities. We are now in our own 2 story industrial building in his 12,500 sft along with modern computerized flat knitting machine. Buyers still prefer to have their small and exclusive work done with us. However, our capacity has now multiplied to about 25,000 pcs in a month. We are those too enjoy. Because we have arranged our work rules in such a way that the employees feel happy to work and the tasks are as unique as the samples. In the way there has no short shipment or no late shipment in our factory.

Work & environment:
The openness and natural light all around is a great neat environment in our factory. And we like to work 8-10 hours in a day. Friday is a holiday.

A tea or coffee break of 20 minutes at 10 in the morning and lunch & prayers break for an hour at 1 in the afternoon keeps everyone bright all day long.


Shipping & payment:

Lead time: 7-120 days based on local & imported raw materials availability including production & shipping.

We prior to ship by FOB, CIF in T.T / LC at sight.

Mode of shipment: Courier/ Air/ Sea

Business means investment. Business means confidence. We want a business partnership with which we can invest hand in hand with each other for centuries.

We have a strict commitment to the customer as follows if incase we delayed:

2% discount for 15 days delay
5% discount for 30 days delay
10% discount for 60 days delay

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